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The best in the arts and culture from Exeter

Discover those who make Exeter the artistic and cultural hub it is. The musicians, performers actors and more. Truly experience Exeter both artistically and culturally.



Shout About Exeter is not just any old podcast, keep up to date.


Shout About Exeter is not just any old podcast, its an exploration of all things cultural and arty in the Exeter, UK area.

As a Creative Culture South West project, Shout About Exeter has been developed as a way for those based in the Exeter area to reach new audiences whist enabling CCSW to reach its aims which are to:


  • To CREATE pathways in which people can develop skills and be involved in the arts community 
  • To INSPIRE people to create original works, develop skills and encourage others to interact with the arts 
  • To encourage people to EXPERIENCE the arts as both audience members and as arts practitioners

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